Alan Kasman discovered his passion for clay at the age of sixteen under the guidance of his mentor, Pauline Laure, and has not looked back since. In the 1970s he apprenticed at Great Swamp Pottery under Bob (Quiem Salik) and Grendle Terry, where he learned the vital basics of running a successful pottery and began doing production work. Then Kasman started his second apprenticeship with the late Max Braverman, and there made connections with the traditional Oxford earthenware potter, Rae Tamashusky.

Following his apprenticeships under various potters, Kasman started Kasco Pottery in the 1980s. By working closely with his mentors he was able to master many different aspects of pottery, which helped him in developing his own signature style. Kasman started by making production flower pots, but, inspired by the traditional spongeware and yellowware in his family’s kitchen, switched to making those wares.

His work has been shown in various magazines and in the Museum of American Folk Art.